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“As women we live in a world where we can be many things to many people. The roles don’t end. We’re incredibly intelligent, educated, ambitious, loving, adaptable and so on - there is no ceiling to our magical capabilities. We can do many things, but can is not should, and clarity is power.

Ultimately, spirituality, for us householders, has to meet the material plane and it comes down to our relationship with our Soul Self. Relationship is connection. Keeping this connection alive and strong as we live, love, serve and evolve in this lifetime through soul clarity is the root of our true, whole health - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Walking our Soul Path is how we leave Earth better than we found her. As a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and leader of a team - I don’t care if you run a house, department or company - you are the land upon which lives thrive. And you are still here because what’s soul uniquely you is what the world needs. Right now.

Know your Soul Self and walk your Soul Path. See, hear, love and honor her. Prioritize SoulCare. Always. Fill your cup, first, and watch how your garden blooms. ”

—Angela Kuehl

Angela is the Founder of Essence Wellness Design. Her approach for guiding women to whole health and empowerment is power through soul clarity. Her soul-centered coaching style is direct, loving and activating. Angela is a modern energy medicine woman, integrative health coach and registered yoga teacher.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Boston University and master’s degree from Georgetown University prior to completing trainings in Integrative Health at Duke University.


I spent the first 12 years of my life living with my grandparents. People would ask me if I ever felt lonely as an only child. In college when my roommates’ siblings visited I thought I would have liked to have a sister. As a child growing up I never felt lonely. Not even when I was alone, because I always sensed spirits around me no matter where I went, whom I spent time with or what I did.

In solitude I spoke with these beautiful, generous, loving, often humorous and sometimes mischievous beings. From trees to blooms, magpies to crows and how my great-grandmother took her last breath, I knew when another being was around, and what they said. In their presence, I felt no fear, and thought everyone else knew about them too. My grandmother is a Traditional Chinese poet, calligrapher and watercolor painter who specialized in painting lotuses. When I told her what I saw, heard or felt she’d listen with a smile, often nodding and then tell me to not share it with anyone else because they’d be afraid of hearing a kid talk about things they couldn’t see. “But we can’t see air or our breath and still breathe,” I’d say. Overtime, I stopped talking about them because it just felt easier and safer as I became older.

Moving from Beijing to Charlotte in 7th grade to live full-time with my parents turned life upside down and I was suddenly a teenager on a foreign land. “Hello. Thank you. My name is Angela. How do you do?” were takeaways from English classes in China and I broke a sweat just trying to get these words out, to strangers, in a language I didn’t know. I felt as if I’d lost my sight and hearing. At the same time, speaking less opened me to seeing, hearing and sensing everything in newer, deeper ways. Like many immigrant parents mine asked me to focus on my education and then career so like a good Chinese daughter I did and shut off my connections to the spirit realms.

After completing my bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with a heck of a ride through culinary school in New York City I became a Management Consultant in a global consulting firm to help Fortune 100 companies adopt people, process and technology changes. Following everyone else’s definitions of success became my priority. I thought making my own American Dream come true with a growing six-figure salary, targeting my next promotion, marrying a good egg and getting the keys to our first Mercedes would make me feel lighter, happier and free. Occupation is not fulfillment. Behind successes on the exterior I felt lifeless and everyday a voice within told me I was drifting from the path I came here to walk.

After a series of mental, physical depletions and relationship crisis I turned to my energetic gifts for answers and reconnected with my guides, ancestors, ascended teachers and masters in the spirit realms. This return, along with my own decade-long Soul Path healing and activation journeys, and motherhood, sent me away from my corporate career to honor the path my soul had always known. Clarity is power. I founded Essence Wellness Design to keep your connection to your sacred path alive and strong. Let’s start remembering why you chose Earth as home at this time.