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“After I had my session with Angela I got a lot of clarity of what I need to do to while I am here I earth. Before I was less confident and not sure what road to take in what I needed to do. Angela gave me very detailed information about what steps I need to do for myself and for my family, which helped me with my confidence in what direction I need to follow. Angela is very gifted and has a lot of knowledge in many areas. She told me what foods would help me and even essential oils would benefit me too. I felt a lot of healing in my session with Angela and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to have a session with her. I see her helping a lot of people that need the steps to have more clarity and guidance in the right direction in their lives.”

—Danielle B. CO

“I still repeat the affirmation Angela gave me every single day. The healing blew my mind! I felt feelings and had moments of clarity that I haven’t had in a really long time. Each level she guided me through brought about a new awareness of who I am and allowed me to realize the power I have to control what I allow I to my bubble of safety. It was like she helped me find a piece of myself again that was lost, lost a long time ago. Since then, things have changed for the better. I now know when to let go of things that don’t supports my happiness, I have so much more respect for myself than I ever have, I feel light, I feel free, and I feel so much more empowered. I am so, so, so glad that Angela came into my life when she did. Her energy and guidance was exactly what I needed. So thank you thousand times over!”

—Tania G. MA

“I have never met with anyone like Angela before. One of the amazing things that happened during our session was that she was able to take my on a journey and reveal one of my heart’s desires. I wanted to buy a house but my husband and I decided it wasn’t in the cards for us. I was finishing a Master’s degree and hadn’t worked for over a year and we have a toddler. We didn’t have a down payment. She brought me through a visualization exercise and I realized how deeply my heart wanted a house: it was a prayer so deep that even I didn’t know it was there.
Within 10 days of our meeting, we had figured out a way to get a down payment on a house, had a realtor, and were under contract on the house of my dreams. We closed and moved in a month and a half after my meeting with Angela. Call it karma, God, coincidence - whatever you want. What I know for sure is that, were it not for Angela, I would not have realized how much I wanted a house.

—Tiffany W. Charlotte, NC

“Angela is highly powerful. I had a reading with her and she connected with my ancestors and told me things only I would know. Angela was able to connect with things that are holding me back and gave me exercises on how to over come these traumas. I am very grateful for this reading and I recommend all to experience this energy as I had a chance to. Thank you again Angela for this beautiful exchange ♥️.”

—India C. Cleveland, OH

“I had no idea what to expect before going into my session with Angela. I was nervous I would feel awkward or vulnerable, but she immediately calmed me and made me feel comfortable. She was so down to earth and patient while guiding me through her process. It is such a blessing to find someone so passionate about what she does and truly devoted to helping others and making the world a better place.  She will make you feel heard and known, and will encourage you to do the right thing for you without being pushy.  Angela is graceful, amazingly talented and professional, and I am so grateful our paths have crossed!”

—Laurel Beth M. London, UK

“My coaching session with Angela was nothing short of amazing. Her intuitive insight was completely on point with what was happening in my life. She helped me focus more on things that light me up! Our guided meditation was beautiful and a spirit animal came to me that has come to me before and I didn't even mention that to her. She naturally knew what to talk about and how to help me. She's so connected to spirit. While I'm usually drained after speaking to someone for so long I felt energized and excited after our chat! She had me do a few things for the next 28 days and they've helped me so much! I asked the Universe for a coach that was spiritually connected and aligned with me and Angela is that person!”

—Jessica P. Flowery Branch, GA

“I attended an Essence Moon Flow retreat of Angela's on Manifesting. Angela led us through a short yoga practice followed by discussion on manifesting. The activities that followed brought me new perspective on both internal wants and most importantly, people in my life who are encouraging me to grow and challenge myself but who I've been pushing away and resisting their support. I've been reminding myself to be more open to these people which has led to important conversations and new revelations for me. I feel like I am confronting some things that I've been running away from due to the challenges of change. Working with Angela brought good surprises in a setting that was strengthening, relaxing and non judgmental.”

—Olivia, V. Charlotte, NC

“Angela’s approach is so grounded, kind, and generous.  I left each session prepared with practical tips and practices for living in the world.  She helped me remember that to be “spiritual” I don’t have to go into a cave and chant alone or even follow all the rules. Instead I can find the practices that best serve my energy and soul and relate to the Divine in my own way. 

After our sessions, I felt more grounded and confident and cared for. I loved the guided meditation as well as the extra “homework” assignments she gave me to do.  Even if at first the exercises seemed challenging in some way, they were all spot on and helped me see myself more clearly. Her book recommendations were perfect, too. I’m writing and creative again; life is flowing and I feel like I retrieved some essential part of my story over the course of the weeks with Angela as a powerful guide.”

—Emily, P. Knoxville, TN

"I was not sure what to expect when I first met with Angela.  I had met her a few times before and found her to be very sweet and passionate about Chinese medicine, but I did not know much about her beyond that.  Within minutes of our first session, I was completely at ease and hanging on her every word.  She is not only naturally kind and nurturing but very knowledgable.  I felt that I was in good hands every step of the way. I left our session feeling safe, inspired, purposeful and grounded all at the same time.  She offered suggestions moving forward and prepared me for what I might be feeling over the next few days.  Even now, a few weeks after our session, and I am still feeling the positive effects. Thank you so much, Angela for sharing your time and space and light with me!  I will absolutely be coming to you again!”

—Adrienne Z. Charlotte, NC

“Angela, as a coach, is a true professional and yet, her naturally nurturing disposition makes you feel as though you are spending time and confiding in a childhood friend. She is entirely inspirational and you come out inspired to be accountable and present. This journey really helped me to understand mindfulness, reflection, and true state of non-judgment. These have carried forward in every single aspect of my life; it has enriched my relationships, personal and professional, it has helped me to change my dialogue with my eight-year-old son."

—Linda A. Charlotte, NC

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be directly coached by Angela while in school. A significant component of being a good Health Coach is the innate ability to bring a sense of compassion, patience, thoughtfulness and insight to the sessions...Angela exudes an energy that breathes life into the innate characteristics..."

—Megan J., Charlotte, NC

“Today I met with Angela for our Elemental Medicine Reading. Angela is super sweet and knowledgeable. Her guidance was helpful and easy to connect to. She helped me understand what I was feeling and overlooking. I felt so comfortable. Today I felt a shift, a feeling of confidence that was already there but beautifully lifted to sight. No more self doubt. Time to shine brighter. So much gratitude to my beautiful sister ♥️. Thank you darlin, you are so loved. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking forward on their spiritual journey.”

—Jo C. Denville, NJ

“I highly recommend Angela with Essence Wellness Design.  My experience was profound to say the least.  I was certainly able to gain more clarity and also receive resolution to old questions.  Angela has the ability to access realms that were new to me yet made so much sense.  Angela was able to guide me through with questions and instruction from my own personal guides and ancestors that solidified a lot of internal questions that I was not able to fully resolve on my own.  The sessions opened up to me a very new world, but one that was yet very familiar.  The depth of the experience was so authentic and rich.  I highly recommend her services to anyone on a spiritual journey looking to attune themselves and go beyond their current paradigm."

—Nicole C. Charlotte, NC

“My session with Angela was so much more than I expected. I was prepared to talk about my problems and hear some validation, some advice, and go our separate ways from there – you know, typical counseling style. Angela has a style of holistic healing all her own…I didn't have to talk about difficulties because she already knew and was there to give me a useful perspective and hope. It was truly a blessing to work with Angela. She wears many hats and is therefore able to offer a truly holistic approach.”

—Bet-Zua J. Madison, WI

“My experience with Angela was truly beautiful. There was a feeling of tremendous acceptance and release at the end. I even felt a physical release of weight in my left shoulder through our journey. The post effect was full of lightness and clarity. I am so pleased I took this time to work with her. With love and light, Hilary.”

—Hilary, K. Charlotte, NC 

“I didn't know what to expect when I first met with Angela but I was overwhelmed with how much I enjoyed my session with her. She was really easy to talk to and had great insights on my life and health though we had never met before. I loved that she gave me tangible steps for me to take to improve my energy that were simple and I could start on right away. I've seen numerous western medicine specialists, tried reiki, met with a psychic medium, and purchased several self-help books and programs on health and wellness but my time with Angela was more valuable than any of those other outlets. Thanks again for the session, as you can tell from my testimony, I really enjoyed it! I've started making my own space and clearing out some stuff and excited to spend this weekend really going through my closets and clearing out a lot of unnecessary stuff/energy.”

—Kelly D. Cincinnati, OH

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to do a session with Angela. Angela is truly compassionate, loving and very talented with with her work. It's been weeks since i did a session with her but i could still vividly remember how special and memorable my experience has been. I totally cried in the middle of it ~ purely because i felt that strong connection with her, and because of her divine communication with the spirits and how much that message meant to me at that time. She and her message has been so instrumental for my growth. If not for her, I'd probably still be stuck with some thoughts of fear, worry and doubt. I still do have those thoughts from time to time, but nobody is perfect. With Angela, it felt safe, secure and well supported to start anew, to help myself again, to actually dare again. Her words truly motivated me, encouraged me, and gave me a sense of direction. She's so true, so authentic, so caring and also talks in the most sweetest way possible - almost sounding like an angel. I cannot wait to do another session with her ~ To reflect with her again, to refresh with her again, to create nothing but pure magic and soulful love. Highly recommend to do a session with her.”

—Gazelle, G., Auckland, New Zealand

"From the moment I sat down with Angela, her calm demeanor was infectious and made me feel welcome, relaxed and at ease. Angela took the time to listen and understand my vision of optimal health; she was truly present for me. Angela held the space for me to explore my options, enabled me to discover workable answers and devise action steps that I could implement in bite-size chunks. With Angela as my guide, we explored my readiness and confidence to make the lifestyle changes I had chosen. She was a skilled and welcomed partner on my journey toward my vision of optimal health and wellness."

—Becky B., Pittsburg, PA

“My full moon reading  with Angela was so enlightening. As an entrepreneur and woman who recently entered motherhood, this reading gave me clarity during a time when I feel pulled in a million directions. It helped center me, and quieted a lot of noise that was distracting me from getting closer to understanding my true path. Leaving the session, I was able to see myself again and felt that I learned a little more about myself as well. This can really be a useful tool for any woman who feels lost, needs clarity, or needs healing.”

—Melissa G., Charlotte, NC

”I would like to share the amazing experience I’ve been having with Angela  of Essence Wellness Design, Llc who has become my life coach. I’ve known Angela for a few years and watched her continue to bloom into an amazing life coach and spiritual leader. I’ve seen so many professionals that did not master their initial journeys with profession, and life relationships,  yet they plunged into coaching. Angela is a master of all of her experiences, professional consultant, mother, wife, traditional Chinese medicine & nutrition expert, and now helping others with their life focus and path. I have enjoyed a few sessions with Angela and even had her do a refresh of the energies in my home. I must say that she has a keen intuition and was able to reach deep rooted issues and help me work through them and move forward with positive focus.  I look forward to growing and experiencing positive outcomes through her gentle, loving, and powerful guidance.  I highly recommend her as a life and wellness coach.”

—Suzanne W. Charlotte, NC

“Angela is very professional, warm, and gentle. She creates a loving, comfortable atmosphere in which you can be totally honest. Angela brought up many things that I knew needed to be addressed. She did so in a loving way and gave me action steps. During our session, I did not feel uncomfortable or pushed. I felt guided towards the answers I deep down knew. I definitely recommend booking a session with her, she's an awesome coach!”

—Teresa L. Orlando, FL

My session with Angela was full of positivity and insight. She is so welcoming and is amazing at making you feel comfortable. I immediately felt at ease and found a sense of empowerment as we went through the session. I found the format to work really well as she explored both our spirit guides, had an open discussion, and ended with a meaningful meditation. The guided meditation portion was one of my favorite parts, Angela paints a beautiful story to help guide you through your thoughts. The insights I learned about myself were extraordinary. To complete our time she provided me with exercises to work on and followed up with me to see how I was doing. I received all this value within 60 minutes! I cannot wait to work with Angela more in the future. She is truly gifted and such an incredible healer! 

—Olivia F. Portland, OR



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